Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis
Diana-Ashley Krach

Summary- Friends may be forever, but time will always change friendships. There comes a point in everyone’s life, usually during their mid-twenties, when they tend to hit a wall. Where are we going with our future? Why can’t we stay as close to our friends as we once were? They feel as though they’ve hit a rut. A group of friends will soon realize that everyone goes through their own Quarter Life Crisis

My Rating-

My Review- A great fresh new story about women, friendships and relationships. A tight group of friends goes on a camping trip together to reconnect. I was drawn into each of the women’s stories and their feelings. I laughed at some of the interactions and sad at some others. Relationships change over the years for these women but they still manage to come back together when it counts. I really liked this story and would recommend it to any fan of chick lit.

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