Pure Health Supplement Review

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, with no additives or fillers at an affordable price and to provide the finest customer service to each customer. We are committed to selecting the purest ingredients available and ensuring your experience is enjoyable on your journey to PURE HEALTH!
I got to review 3 items from Pure Health in exchange for my honest opinion

I received
Sleep Sweetly Capsules
Water Trim Capsules
Natures Green & Lean Tea

My Review

I love finding healthy and natural ways to feel better and take care of some of my day to day issues. The Lean and Green Tea is delicious! I’m not a green tea fan but I keep hearing how good for you it is. I decided to give this a try and loved it! The warming spices used add such a great flavor to this. I’ve been drinking this in the morning instead of coffee sometimes and I feel just as good, even a little better, with this then with regular coffee. I don’t find myself getting quite as wiped out as I usually do, and I’m also not snacking as much. Win win all around. The Water Trim capsules are a great product too. I tend to drink a lot of soda, which I need to stop, then I compensate by drinking even more water, and wind up feeling really crummy and bloated. I take these with water at least 2 times a day and I don’t feel so bloated and I feel like my clothes fit a little better. I picked the Sleep Sweetly capsules because sleep is my number one issue. I simply don’t sleep. I toss and turn and I’m always so tired when I wake up because I only get a few hours here and there. I’m not sure there’s a way to completely cure my sleep issues, but I will say that the Sleep Sweetly certainly makes my nights a little easier. I actually fall asleep pretty good with these, and I don’t wake up feeling medicated or hung over. I feel like i actually got good real sleep. Overall I’m very happy with these products from Pure Health. I give them all a 5/5!


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