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Treasure Hunt
The Journey of a Writer
by Lynn Hardy

This post is part of the POTF Treasure Hunt where 1 (one) in 50 (fifty) entries will win a Full Cast Audio Book from For more details visit the facebook event page:

I am Lynn Hardy, author of the Prophecy of the Flame series. This is the continuation of my
journey from Self-Published Author to Kindle Bestseller to a movie now in production, based on Book One of my series:

I conducted five book signings within the four months of printing out my first book. During
signings I had also noted that many parents were buying the book for young teens – even
tweens – though I warned them that book contained adult situation including a steamy sex
scene. I originally wrote Prophecy Of The Flame for women who loved the Potter series and
were looking for a little more magic in their lives, and a little romance. Teens seemed drawn
to the storyline: Adventure, magic , and monsters drew in a much younger audience than I
intended. Being a mother of two young girls, I couldn’t, in good conscience, allow that wonderfully written, tactful scene, remain in the book. Since I was editing for typos anyways, I toned down that steamy scene, trying to make it appropriate for a YA rating. I lightened the cover for better visibility and with renewed confidence I went to print again. The true First Edition of Prophecy of the Flame was a second set of 500 books printed in May of 2008.

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