Pretzel Pete Review

Pretzel Pete is delighted to offer you his selection of gourmet pretzel nuggets. Pretzel Pete is a small company and our products are not available nationally in any of the large mass merchandise chains. You can normally find Pretzel Pete only in gourmet grocery stores, fine food shops and in gift stores and gift baskets. We have developed this website to answer the pleas from those who have received Pretzel Pete in a gift basket or have found it while traveling but cannot find the product at their local market — and need to find Pretzel Pete AGAIN!!


My Review

I got these mainly for my husband. He is all about the hot and spicy flavors, the hotter and spicier the better. I did try the Garlic and Cheese and the Cheddar and Ale flavors. They were really good! And my little ones liked those flavors too. My husband LOVED the spicy flavors. The Sour Cream/Habanero was his favorite, he even took them into his work to share with the guys. The Wasabi Pretzel Pearls were really good and really spicy, according to him, I couldn’t even smell them LOL. These are so full of flavor, every piece has flavor on it. These are a big big hit here. I’m sure I’ll be buying him more soon!

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