Pretzel Crisps Review

These fat free and low calorie treats never sacrifice taste and definitely satisfy that “salt craving” we all house. Pretzels Crisps® are a great alternative to potato chips and other snack foods. They contain 110 calories per serving and no fat (10-11 crisps) compared with 150 calories and 10 gram of fat (1 g saturated) per one ounce serving for potato chips.

Garlic Parmesan
Buffalo Wing
Jalapeno Jack
Chipotle Cheddar


My Review

I think we can all agree that not everything that is good for you tastes good right? Usually if I see “fat free” I think “taste free” lol. I was very happily wrong about these Pretzel Crisps! I got my samples right before my sons birthday party so I didn’t open them right away and I took them with us. There were 16 people at the party. I went with 7 bags and came home with 2!Everyone LOVED them!! They are very tasty, not bland at all. The choice in flavors is great too. The big winners were the Garlic Parmesan, the Buffalo Wing and the Jalepeno Jack. The kids ate almost all of the regular flavor ones before the party was even half way over. The party goers were arguing over who got to take which bag home when we were ready to leave lol. There are many more flavors that I want to buy and try. You can see the other flavors on the website and they also have some really drool-worthy recipes!! I don’t get excited about snack food very often but I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new favorite!

You can look HERE to see if your local grocery store carries Pretzel Crisps(r)!

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