Pentel Pen/Pencil Review

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This time I got to review some of the Pentel Energel products!

photo 022820131240_zps5c780be6.jpg

Pentel EnerGel-X-Roller-Ball-Retractable-Gel Pen 107A
Pentel-EnerGel-X-Roller-Ball-Retractable-Gel-Pen 105C
Pentel-EnerGel-X-Roller-Ball-Retractable-Gel-Pen 110A
Pentel-EnerGize-X-Mechanical-Pencil 107C

My Review

I love pens. Pens mysteriously disappear from places when I’m around lol. I’m very picky about my pens though. They have to have a strong color and not run and be comfortable to use. I don’t usually use gel pens because they tend to run when I write. When I got the Pentel pens I tried them out right away. I was happy to see that these gel pens were actually really quick drying and didn’t run. I loved that the ink was the same color as the barrel. I like to use different colored pens for my different calendars and notes. These pens were easy and comfortable to use and didn’t make my hands hurt like some other pens and pencils do. I liked that the pencil had a dark lead, and it didn’t smudge at all. I don’t use pencils often but I prefer the mechanical ones to the ones you have to sharpen.

My husband and mom keep stealing my pens, so I’m glad I got a pack of them and not just one or two lol. Everybody loves the Pentel pens and we will definitely be buying this brand again!

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