Peaches and the Gambler Review

Take one recently fired woman, add to that two pesky daughters, one opera singing sister, two good-looking men, one murder investigation, and a box full of Dove Ice Cream Bars. Then, generously stir with a seedy strip club, throw in a .45 Magnum and a dash of Bojangles’ Cajun seasoned fries and you have a Dish of Disaster!

My Review

Crime fiction has always been one of my favorite genres of books to read. I really really enjoyed this book. The author really nailed the mixture of the crime mystery with some truly funny laughs. This book is very bold, the language used and the situations Peaches gets into are not for the faint of heart lol. Peaches is a single mom dealing with her daughters, exes, sister and is trying to help a beloved neighbor solve her son’s murder to boot. Sex, drugs, gambling and a few hilarious extended family members make this a fun read. It’s very obvious that Peaches has no idea what she’s doing, but she tries really hard and ends up coming out on top and learning some things in the process. I can not wait to see what Peaches gets herself into next!

About the Author

I stuck my toe into the deep, scary waters of novel writing twelve years ago. My first attempt was an abject failure! Since then I’ve had two computers crash on me, lost two unfinished novels and out of this chaos was reborn a mystery writer. Funny, because I had always seen myself as the dramatic, literary, family saga type of girl. Now, I still may be all those things, but at the moment, I’m focused on my series of cozy mysteries featuring amateur sleuth Peaches Donnelly.

I do most of my writing while sitting on the couch watching TV. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now! I’m inspired by the satiric works of people such as Ben Rehder and Carl Haaisen. But I also like the sly humor and clever works of authors such as Jo Nesbo (particularly Headhunters) and M. C. Beaton. The everyday madness of life generally keeps my head churning faster than my laptop.

So, by day I am a catering superstar alongside my husband, but by night I’m a mystery writing phenom hoping one day to gather dust on your bookshelf.

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