Our trip to Dutch Wonderland

I received tickets to Dutch Wonderland for myself and my family from USFamilyGuide.com.
We went this past Sunday August 19th.

Here’s just some of the pictures I took..

My review

We had such a good time at Dutch Wonderland! We got to do the character breakfast before we went into the park.The food was very good. I’m very picky about my coffee, I actually don’t like most resturant coffee but the coffee at the breakfast was delicious. Everything was fresh. The characters, Merlin, Duke, the princess and the knight, were all very sweet and took the time to stop at each table and talk to every child one on one.

Of course the boys couldn’t wait to get out into the park lol. Everybody we encountered, from the security guard who checked our bags at the door to the ride operators and food vendors, was very nice. The park was very clean, including the bathrooms which are a big pet peeve of mine. I can not stand when public restrooms are gross. The boys were able to get on almost every ride in the park that they wanted to.

The lines weren’t very bad at all. The food we got throughout the day to snack on was good too. We got to see Max from Max and Ruby in one of the shows they do so the boys were really excited about that. The whole day was really great and we would definitely go back again!

Dutch Wonderland

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