Optics Labs Products Review and Giveaway

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OcuFresh is the safe choice for cleansing your eyes! It is great for easing seasonal allergies, calming
irritated eyes and even fixing beauty blunders – this cooling eye wash is the perfect pick me up for your
eyes after late nights and early mornings of Holiday celebrations!

MiniDrops, lubricant eye drops, helpful for easing dry eyes from the cold Winter air and the lack of humidity in indoor environments.

Eye-cept Rewetting Drops hydrate and cleanse soft contact lenses

OcuSave is a vitamin supplement that helps preserve long term eye health

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All four Optics Lab products are in single use pocket size containers (tubes, vials). They come in a travel-ready boater-style bag – easy to re-use for toting practical pleasures in the New Year- and it will
be great for carrying gardening tools in the Spring, pool/beach toys in the Summer and nifty to have on hand for extra necessities all year long.

My Review

My husband works on an open dock for a trucking company. He’s exposed to a lot of dust, grit, tire materials and other stuff throughout his shift. His eyes are always bothering him and I have to buy him eye wash and eye drops every couple of weeks or so. When these products came in he was very happy lol. He loves that these are all in single use vials so he can just carry them in his pocket and use them when he needs them. The OccuFresh eye wash is one of his favorites, he uses that after work to rinse out his eyes. Now that he’s just been carrying drops with him his eyes don’t seem to bother him as much. I’ve been using the OcuSave vitamins. I don’t like eye drops and have a hard time putting them in lol. Overall these are great products that we will be buying again.

Win a tote bag filled with soothing, refreshing eye care products (a $50 value) from Optics Lab the maker of OcuFresh and Mini Drops as well as OcuSave and Rewetting Drops.

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