Nutra Lift Review

Using the finest natural & organic ingredients the world has to offer, combined with the latest advances in research and technology, the Nutra-Lift® products guarantee maximum results. The Nutra-Lift® products are cruelty free and made with highest percentage and potency of ingredients to achieve beautiful skin. Many of the products and their ingredients have been clinically proven with effectual results…. And are manufactured according to FDA & GMP standards accepted worldwide. All Nutra-Lift ® products are non-comedegenic, do not block pores & and good for all skin types.

I received the

Herbal NonSoap Cleanser

Maximum C Plus Serum
Absolutely Marvelous Shower Gel with Goat Milk

to review in exchange for my honest opinions

My Reviews

I liked all 3 of these products. I have rosacea and dry skin and some eczema too, so I’m always on the lookout for good skin care products. The Non Soap Cleanser was nice because it didn’t dry my skin out more than it already was, it has a nice light citrus scent, and it left my skin feeling clean without that tight dry feeling. The Maximum C Serum was a nice product also. It made my skin look a little firmer and brighter. I used it a few times and then I let my mom try it also. She was also very happy with it and got some compliments on her skin. My favorite product was the Goat Milk Shower Gel. You only have to use a little bit to get a lot of suds, so it lasts a pretty long while. It smells amazing, I love the pomegranate scent to this. It makes my skin feel really smooth and soft, and it hasn’t upset my sensitive skin at all. I’m really really happy with these Nutra-Lift products, my mom loves the serum, and I would recommend these to anyone I know!

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