Noone To Hear You Scream Review


When a serial killer murders Sam Sebastian’s wife, the New Orleans cop turns bounty hunter to track down the killer and administer justice. Joining him on his quest is FBI agent Cole Davidson, whom Sam soon finds is connected to the killer. As their journey takes them along the vast expanse of the Mississippi River, the investigation reveals that they are searching for a dark and troubled soul. The monster who killed Sam’s wife has left a trail of blood in his wake, and it quickly becomes clear that he is adept at taking on other personas, including that of Sam’s impromptu partner, Cole. As they close in on the killer, Sam questions what he might do once they meet face-to-face. Will he be able to keep his emotions in check, or will he eliminate the man who destroyed his life?

My Review

I’ve read so many paranormal books lately. It was nice to take a break and read one that is based in “real life” so to speak. This book was a fast thrill ride from beginning to end. No One to Hear You Scream is an old fashioned cat and mouse, cop chasing the killer thriller. Every parents worst nightmare comes to life for the main character Sam. His wife is killed by a serial killer and his son is kidnapped by said killer shortly after he gives chase. I love these kinds of books! There was a lot of questions throughout about who was who and who could be trusted. It came to a great ending. I will definitely be looking for more books by K. J. Dahlen!

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Author Bio

I live in a small town (population 495) in Wisconsin. From my deck I can see the Mississippi River on one side and the bluffs, where eagles live and nest on the other side. I live with my husband Dave and dog Sammy. My two children are grown and I have two grandchildren. I love to watch people and that has helped me with my writing. I often use people I watch as characters in my books and I always try to give my characters some of my own values and habits. I love to create characters and put them in a troubling situation then sit back and let them do all the work. My characters surprise even me at times. At some point in the book they take on a life of their own and the twists and turns they create becomes the story. Of all the stories I could write I found I like mystery/thrillers the best. I like to keep my readers guessing until the very end of the book.

My book titles are: Bones, The Darkness Within, Meghan’s Legacy, Shadow Chaser, Witness, Secrets
and Lies, Legacy of Murder, The Unknown Son, The Prophet, No One to Hear You Scream, Bradbury Inn, Murderous Intent, Wrong Number, Fall from Grace, The House on Berkley Street.

My next books coming out are, Cards Of Sin, Blood Memories, Phoenix Rising. A Murder in her Past has been accepted but not started going through the editing process yet.

Cards of Sin will be out August 10th and Blood Memories will be released sometime in August. I’m
waiting on the test copy now.

I’m not sure when Phoenix Rising will be out. It was supposed to come out in Sept. Xchyler recently got a new Editor and everything has to go through her

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