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No Throw…how many times as parents, caregivers, and grandparents have you uttered those words? Well, not any more! Our aim is to make life simple for you. Here is our answer. ‘Nothrow’, an easy to use baby bottle and sippy cup tether that fits on all types of baby bottles and sippy cups. The adjustable Velcro strap and leash style handle makes it an excellent design to attach ‘Nothrow’ to any child car seat, high chair, stroller, baby backpack, bike seat…etc. When you are out shopping, dinning, on vacation, at festivals, or any other family occasion; ‘Nothrow’ is a must to bring along. It will keep your dear little one happy by keeping their bottle/cup within reach and you never have to worry about loosing another one again. Planes, trains, and automobiles, it doesn’t matter where you are, your little one will be happy and that means you will be happy. ‘Nothrow’…ahhh so much better than “NO THROW”!

*I got one each of the Blue with Dinosaurs

My Review

I got a No Throw bottle tether and a No Throw pacifier tether to review. My boys were never attached to the pacifier so I’m currently using that as a key tether inside my purse. I can never seem to find my keys when I need them lol. The No Throw bottle tether has come in handy big time for me. Even at 7 and 4 my boys cant seem to hold onto their cups in the car to save their lives! It’s constantly “I dropped my cup can you get it” being yelled at the top of their lungs lol. This has made it much easier for them to just pick their own cup back up without me having to break my back twisting around rooting on the floor for the dropped cup. The quality of these tethers is great too. They won’t be easily broken or ripped. This is an awesome pair of tethers and the next person I know who is having a baby is getting a set from me! 5 stars*

Right now NoThrow is having an overstock sale on select items on their site!

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