NICOmate Review and Giveaway

NICOmate is an industry leader of premium
electronic cigarettes. We take pride in providing the highest quality
Ecigs on the market today. We are confident that once you try our product, you will understand why we back everything we sell with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty! Join the countless NICOmate users who have quit smoking traditional cigarettes with our Electronic Cigarette Starter kit.


Electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) by NICOmate give the persecuted smoker an alternative to harsh tar, harmful carcinogens, and deadly carbon monoxide found in tobacco smoke. As the world cracks down on public smoking through smoking bans, NICOmate is the only way to enjoy a smooth smoking sensation with controlled amounts of nicotine vapor. No more bad breath, smelly clothes, or standing outside in the cold to smoke. NICOmate electronic cigarettes are easy to use and are smokable almost anywhere!

You can find much more information about Safety, Quality and Functionality on the NICOmate Website

My Review

My husband has smoked since he was 13. He turned 39 this year. We’ve been married 11 years and in that time I’ve seen him try to quit too many times to count. I used to smoke but had to quit when I started having respiratory problems a few years back. There are definitely days when I would kill for just one ciggarette to calm my nerves. I jumped at the chance to review NicoMate, mainly for my husband. It’s getting colder and I hate that he stands with the door hanging open to smoke because he doesnt want to go all the way outside. We got one disposable NicoMate to try in exchange for our honest opinion. I used it a few times when I was really stressed out. It made me cough lol. So I gave it to my husband and he’s been using it. He likes it. He says it gives him almost the same kick as inhaling on a real ciggarette and he doesn’t have to worry about me yelling at him about smoke in the house. He can also use it in the car without freezing me and the kids lol. He really seems to like this brand so we’re looking into buying the full starter kit from NICOmate. He gives it a 4/5 =]

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