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We at Jenesis have worked on many different products over the years, but for some reason we keep coming back to lighting, especially the wireless, battery powered, LED kind. Each product is designed to be both attractive and easy to use, and with our focus on effeciency most of our lights will operate for a year or more on a single set of batteries.

Remember back at the beginning of the month when I did the review and giveaway for their candles, key fobs and guide lights?

Review HERE

Well I’m excited to tell you they are coming out with a new product!

It’s called the Nite Finder Flashlight

“There’s an enormous clap of thunder, suddenly the power goes out, and now it’s pitch black in your house. You know you have a flashlight and candles in a drawer or cabinet somewhere, but you’re left groping in the dark trying to find them. The Nite Finder flashlight from Jenesis solves this power outage dilemma. Using our patented Low Glow technology, the flashlight will glow gently for over four years; easy to find when that storm hits or a breaker blows. The Nite Finder can then be used as a standard flashlight, or set to lantern mode to illuminate your kitchen table, car engine, or tent with soft white light.”

You can find out all about the campaign to get this flashlight on the market and donate to the cause if your inclined HERE

You can connect with Jenesis on their social media channels

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