NeoCell Review and Giveaway

NeoCell is the originator and industry authority on solutions that promote vital collagen health. We believe in the power of collagen, the body’s structural protein, and its ability to heal and nourish, providing youth not only of the body, but also of the spirit.


I received the Super Collagen Powder to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Review

I don’t try very many supplements because I’m pretty skeptical when I read what they claim. I have Fibro and Rhuematoid Arthritis and one of the most bothersome sypmtoms that come along with these is skin issues. I also have dry damaged hair from my illnesses and color treating. I decided to give the collagen powder a try and see if it helped. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now. I have noticed a bit of a difference in my hair and skin. It hasn’t cured my skin issues but it has definitely made my skin feel better and look better. I can’t say much about my nails, I have acrylic nails, but they do seem to be growing faster. The powder has no taste so you can mix it in anything that you like. It seemed to mix better in cold liquids than hot. You do have to shake it pretty vigorously, so if you have a blender that would probably work best. I’m going to keep using it and see just how much better my skin and hair can get 🙂

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