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Nature-Cide Natural Insect and pest control products eliminate bugs with an all natural, 100% chemical free spray made by Nature-Cide. Nature-Cide’s unique formulas kill insects fast and are completely safe to use around children, plants and pets. The products by Nature-Cide range from outdoor pest control to a travel Bed Bug Spray. If you have problems with insects and are looking for a cost effective, safe alternative to dangerous insecticides, give Nature-Cide a try. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I received the Natural Bed Bug Spray and the Natural Indoor Insect Spray to review in exchange for my honest opinion

Bed Bug Spray Made From All Natural Ingredients
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Effective natural ingredients eradicate and prevent bed bug infestations. Spray directly onto mattress, box spring, bedding, floor, head board, walls, windows, floor boards etc. 100% Natural. Non-Staining. Safe for kids and pets. Refreshing Scent.

Indoor Bug Spray Made From All Natural Ingredients
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Effective natural ingredients formulated to eradicate and prevent indoor insect and rodent infestations. Spray on infested or problem spots. 100% Natural. Non-Staining. Safe for kids and pets. Pleasant aroma. Kills cockroaches, flies, silverfish, spiders and more.

My Review

We live in a mountainous rural area. Bugs of all kinds are a big part of our life. No matter how clean we keep stuff and spray and keep doors shut, they still find a way in. I worry about using bug sprays and chemicals because of the boys and because of our pet iguana. I was anxious to try Nature-Cide and see how it worked. The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t have the nasty chemical smell that most bug sprays do.

I worry when something says it’s “natural” that it won’t work as well. The Nature-Cide actually worked great for both of our pest problems. We sprayed all the beds, couches and carpet and curtains with the Bed Bug Spray. We then sprayed the floorboards, walls, along the tubs, toilets and sinks with the Indoor Pest Control. We have noticed a decrease in the ants and other pests. It is winter here so we are actually more anxious to see how this does when the weather warms up and the bugs come out in force.

We are very happy with the Nature-Cide products! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a natural safe way to deal with pests.

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