Nature Box Review

Nature Box Review

NatureBox focuses on making it easier to eat healthier for you and your family. We offer a monthly membership that delivers hand picked snack food to your door along with expert tips and tricks to living a healthy life delivered right to your inbox.
Healthy and delicious snacks will arrive at your door at the beginning of each month. You’ll quickly see how easy and delicious it is to be a healthier you!

I got

Toasted Sesame Stix
Big Island Pineapple
Pistachio Power Clusters
Unami Roasted Nuts
Apple Orchards Granola

My Review

I love Nature Box! We snack a lot here. My boys are like little bottomless pits. I’m lucky in that they actually like fruit and vegatables and will usually ask for that before sugary sweet snacks. They like pretzels and nuts too. So this box was a huge hit here! The first thing that got grabbed was the pinapples. The second favorite was the Unami Roasted Nuts. The pinapples were sweet so instead of cookies I told them to eat that lol. The roasted nuts were really good too, salted perfectly. We haven’t tried the other bags yet but we will soon believe me. Even my husband, who claims not to like anything natural or healthy, likes this box lol. The price for the amount of stuff you get is really good also. Big hit and a 5/5 from everyone here =]

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