my Cold Snap Review

MyColdSnap the most unique and practical way to keep your drinks cold. So cold, in fact, that your last sip will be as cold as your first.

MyCold Snap Facts:

Double wall construction
Can be used as a drinking cup
Dishwasher safe
Does not “sweat”
Ice cools without diluting drinks free online photo editor, fun photo effects

My Review

I have a lot of pet peeves and little strange things that bother me. One of those things is a “sweating” can or glass of soda or whatever I happen to be drinking. I hate warm soda, and I hate even more when my drink is diluted by ice. Yes I know, I know, I’m a pain in the ass lol. My husband hates all my little nit picks too lol. My Cold Snap solves these issues for me. I can enjoy a can of soda, it stays cold, I don’t have to dilute it with ice and no sweat on the can. I like that this can double as a cup also. The Cold Snap is easy to handle, it’s not overly bulky. You can put cans or bottles in it easily. The ring that holds the cans/bottles in the Cold Snap come off easily and snaps back on easily. This is just one of those really cool unique products that you’ve always needed, you just didn’t know you needed it lol. This would be great for outdoor parties, barbecues and pool parties. I’ve been showing it off to everyone and telling all my friends they need one! I definitely recommend the My Cold Snap for this summer!

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