musicMagpie Review

We all know the economy is really crappy right now. A lot of people either don’t have jobs, or have very low paying jobs and just aren’t making ends meet easily. Now you can make some extra cash by selling your used cds and dvds and games. musicMagpie makes the whole process very very easy. If you’re like us you have a lot of older video games, dvds and cds just laying around collecting dust. Now you can actually get something out of them. A lot of times if you take the games into the game stores you might get between $.25-$2.00 for a game. I randomly checked about 10 of our video games and even the oldest one came in at a minimum of $2.00, and I haven’t even checked any cds or dvds yet. If you have a lot of them then they can really add up fast.

You save a lot of time, effort and gas by being able to do this all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go out in the heat (or cold) and wait in lines in a stuffy store without even knowing ahead of time what you might actually get for your games and dvds. When you use musicMagpie you simply go to the website, CLICK HERE , and enter in your items bar code to see what the value is. The discs must be in a perfect playing condition and it must have all the original artwork, covers and booklets. The case must be structurally sound although they do understand some may have some blemishes incurred during day-to-day use. Then when you have all your items entered you want to sell you accept their offer. You can either have them mail or email you a shipping label. They ask that you keep boxes to a maximum of 200 items. You can use your local USPS postal carrier pickup service or you can take the box of items to one of thousands of drop off locations. Once they receive your items they go through a quality check, and if everything is good and passes their assessment then they will mail you a check! You don’t have to share any private banking information so it’s completely safe and secure.

If all that isn’t enough to entice you and convince you how easy it all really is, then maybe this next little bit of info will. musicMagpie is now mobile! You can download their free app for iPhone and Android phones. You can scan in your dvds, cds and games quickly and easily, complete your trade, edit your details and check the status of your order using the app on your phone. You also have the option of using your webcam on your desktop or laptop to scan in your bar codes. So you don’t always have to be tied to the computer to get this all done and put some cash in your pocket.

With this being so easy and simple how can you not give it a try? See how much moola you can get in your pocket today!

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