Mrs. Renfro’s Review and Giveaway

For 73 years, our family’s been bringing you delicious and innovative products at affordable prices. From our Green and Habanero Salsas to our Peach,Black Bean and hottest Ghost Pepper Salsa, we’re proud to offer a unique variety of flavors and authentic tastes of the Southwest.

I got to review 4 different products from Mrs. Renfro’s in exchange for my honest opinion

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Our Review

Chips and dip are our favorite and most bought snack in this house. We eat a lot of chips with all different kinds of dip and salsa. My husband is really big on hot salsas and dips and is always looking for the newest hottest thing. Mrs. Renfro’s sent us their 2 new flavors, the Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce and Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce. I also picked out the Mango Habanero Salsa and the Mild Salsa to try. My husband loved the Ghost Pepper and the Chipotle dips! I wouldn’t even try them because my eyes watered when he stuck the jars under my nose LOL. I don’t like super hot dips. He liked the Mango salsa also. He said it was sweet with a bite. The mild salsa was great for me and the boys. It had a little bite like salsa should, but it wasn’t so hot that me and the boys couldn’t eat it. We were able to all enjoy these salsas and no one felt left out lol. We are so happy with these salsas and dips that hubby wants to try more of the flavors, and there are so many more to try! We were very happy with these and we give Mrs. Renfro’s a huge 5/5!!


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