Migralex Review

Migralex Inc. was founded by Dr. Alexander Mauskop specifically to market headache therapies he developed and found effective in treating his patients at the New York Headache Center. The products created and marketed by Migralex, Inc. are backed by scientific research and clinical experience and have been proven to be both safe and effective for the treatment and prevention of headaches. The first over-the-counter therapy to be introduced to the general public is Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex.

Doctor Developed
Unique combination of proprietary ingredients
Rapid release formula designed to relieve severe headaches
Is safer, contains no caffeine, no sodium, no preservatives
Is gentle on the stomach


Tension Headaches
Menstrual Headaches
Sinus Headaches
Exertion Headaches
Stress Headaches
Neck Strain Headaches

My Review

Me and my husband both get awful headaches. Mine are migraines, his are sometimes migraines and sometimes tension headaches. We usually go through a lot of Motrin and Excedrin and stuff like that. After awhile those medicines start to upset my stomach and the caffeine in the Excedrine makes me jittery after I take more than a couple. I really liked the Migralex when I tried it. It worked really fast and didn’t upset my stomach at all. My husband swears nothing helps his headaches most of the time, but he actually liked the Migralex. He said it worked quicker then the other pills he was taking. I would definitely buy more of this product and I will keep using it. A 5/5!

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