MANGROOMER’s dermatologist tested FLUSHABLE Man Wipes™, engineered just for MEN, will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long, not to mention removing those unattractive Skid Marks on your briefs.

MANGROOMER Biz Wipes are also GREAT for freshening up the GROIN or UNDERARM zone after a long day at work, or trip to the gym. MANGROOMER Biz Wipes can effectively remove that sweat and odor that lurk in all those cracks and crevices on the body.

Woman Wipes by LADYGROOMER are flushable ultra-soft feminine hygiene towelettes with a fresh feminine scent made to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long. Specifically designed for women, use Woman Wipes in addition to toilet paper to effectively clean and eliminate any unwanted residue. Woman Wipes are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and are free of parabens and alcohol. Vitamin E and Aloe added for an ultra-soft soothing feel for sensitive skin, plus fresh feminine scent. Flushable and made in the USA. Maintain Yourself with Woman Wipes!

We got one pack of each to try in exchange for our honest opinion

My Review

My husband and I both liked the Biz Wipes we got from Mangroomer/Ladygroomer. The scents were nice, not to strong or funky, and the wipes were gentle on the skin. Neither of us had any breakouts or anything with these. These were nicer than some other products like these I’ve tried, they didn’t leave a sticky residue or dry out my skin. My husband works on an outside dock and handles tires, wire and other stuff that leaves him pretty grungy by the time he gets home. The mens wipes are perfect for if we have to leave again when he gets home and he doesn’t have time to shower. I use them when I just need to run to the store quick and don’t really need a full shower lol. The packs are nice and compact so you can carry them in your purse/gym bag/diaper bag with out an issue also. i really like these and so does my husband =]

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