Lighten Up Color Changing Candles Review

Light up, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the flickering flame, the rich vanilla aroma, and the continuously changing colors from within the candle. Your senses will be overwhelmed, your mood will immediately change to one of calm and serenity. Perfect for a romantic evening with your partner, or relaxing meditation to rid yourself of the anxiety of a stressful day.

Lighten Up is a Division of Strongest Minds, LLC, an all natural alternative to Emotional Healing helping with intense anxiety, stress, motivation, children’s challenges of tantrums, bedwetting, specific symptoms of autism and more. Amy D. Cohen, Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally, after her own trauma, began using flower remedies from all over the world to reverse trauma, negative feelings and behaviors to move forward in life and live life happy! She creates personalized blends you take 2x daily to move you forward on your path to calm, peace and joy! She has also created a line of soaps to help target specific challenges you will see at Amazon! These candles were made to help with calming, meditation, and enjoyment! An awesome bonus of this candle is that you can use a desk light to shine light on the candle and it will work without the flame!

You can sign up to and get a free video on relieving anxiety once and for all and you can also request at [email protected] “10 all natural products to keep in pantry for family health”

My Review

I’m a candle junkie. I love anything and everything candles. The more unique the better. When I got the chance to review for Lighten Up Candles I was very excited. I knew this would be great for me, and I knew my boys would be fascinated by it also. I tend to carry a lot of stress about things, ad my son is severely ADHD and he’s also Aspergers. I am always looking for more natural ways to make both of us a little calmer. We use aromatherapy a lot. Now with the candle we turn lights down, and do a quiet activity and he likes to focus on the candle. I like having it at night after the boys are in bed and I’m trying to wind down. The colors are great and really do have a calming effect. It lasts forever too! We have had this candle burning on and off for a few weeks now and it’s still going strong. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these!

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