Libre Tea Glass Review and Giveaway

Loose leaf ‘on the go’ – The Libre tea glass is the perfect tea gift for your tea lovin’ friends and family – they will appreciate a relaxing tea moment anywhere, anytime.

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Beautiful and convenient, the Libre glass ‘n poly styles feature –

*a health conscious glass interior and durable poly exterior – keeps tea hot and cool to touch

*a removable stainless-steel filter that keeps tea leaves in the glass, out of your mouth and is removable for easy cleaning

*one the go ease – see Libre ‘how to’ video here for 2 easy ways to enjoy tea moments ‘on the go’.

My Review

I love tea. Hot tea, cold tea, plain tea, and flavored tea. Any tea at all really. I usually use tea bags because loose tea has always seemed to be a lot of work. Awhile back I got a nice tea pot that uses loose tea, and I fell in love with all the different varieties you can get in loose leaf.

Now with the Libre Tea Mug I got I can use loose leaf and it’s convenient and I can take it with me. I always leave my tea bags in my cup to keep seeping and have a really strong flavor. With the tea mug I can do the same with the loose tea and the stainless steel filter keeps the tea leaves in the glass and out of my mouth.

The mug is very sleek and I love that it’s clear glass inside and polycarbonate outside so it’s not fragile. You can see the tea seeping and the leaves in the glass, and even though it’s double walled if you’re making hot tea you still get that nice warmth on the outside of the mug. That’s the best part of a nice hot cup of tea, wrapping your hands around the cup. It goes anywhere with you. I get a lot of questions about what it is and where I got it. I love showing it off!

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