Krave Jerky Review

Live a cut above. With amazingly unique and savory flavors, KRAVE all-natural jerky is moist, wholesome, and seriously satisfying…

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We got 5 bags to try

Lemon Garlic Turkey
Basil Citrus Turkey
Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Pork
Sweet Honey Chipotle Beef
Chili Lime Beef

Our Review

My husband really likes beef jerky. A LOT. He buys all kinds and has even made his own in the past. We haven’t tried the turkey or pork jerky before this, so getting to review Krave Jerky was great for him, well us lol. We got the 5 flavors I listed above to try. I don’t eat a lot of beef jerky, the flavors always seem a bit strong and it’s usually hard for me to chew. I tried 2 of the Krave flavors we got, the sweet chipotle and the lemon garlic. Lemon and garlic are not two flavors I would usually say yum about, but the combination of the flavors in the turkey jerky was surprisingly good! And the meat was tender too. The sweet chipotle was amazing too. These are 2 flavors that I would buy for myself again. My husband, and my little boys surprisingly, really liked the chili lime beef and the smokey grilled teriyaki pork flavors. There was not a flavor that they didn’t like and all the bags got scarfed pretty quickly. My husband took a bag to work and all the guys went crazy over it, he works for a trucking company, so beef jerky is a great snack that travels really well. Hopefully we’ve made Krave some new customers 🙂 If you like jerky at all you have to try Krave! 5/5 🙂

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