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I received these very gently use jeans for my son to review

My Review

I don’t know if it’s all boys or just my boys, but my boys go through jeans like crazy! Every time I turn around another pair of jeans has a hole in the knees or the butt. The hems get ripped and torn up. Jeans are just way too expensive to go buy new pairs every time the old ones get ripped or whatever. I found and was thrilled. They carry new and very gently used jeans for kids and teens for very reasonable prices. The gently used jeans I got, I wouldn’t have even known they were used if the owner hadn’t told me. They are in excellent shape with almost no wear, no holes or fraying and no spots or stains. I got a pair with the elastic and buttons inside the waist band because my son is growing up way faster than he’s growing out lol. The jeans were true to size and just in great shape overall. They shipped quickly also. I am just very happy all around with the site, the jeans and the service 🙂

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