Kidknows Thermometer Review

Empowering kids to make the right choices
Teaching them to recognize numbers in the process


10 inch tall outdoor thermometer attaches outside window using two suction cups. is where you can order these

My Review

This is a great idea for kids! My boys are kings of inappropriate clothing for the weather lol. My 7 year old never wants to wear a coat and my 5 year old tries to wear flip flops in the winter lol. They look outside and see the sun so they think it must be hot and they can wear what they want. No matter what I say, I’m just the mom, what do I know?? Now with the Kidknows thermometer I can point to it and show them that it is too cold for T-shirts and flip flops. The bright colors and easy to understand pictures make it easy for the boys to understand it. Red is hot and blue is cold. The suction cups work great, it stays in place on the window where they can see it. This is a very useful product and anyone with kids should have one! 5/5!

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