Juil Sandal Review

Our mission is very simple – we want you to look better, feel better and be better™. This all starts from the ground up, wearing our unique and remarkable styles that provide you with your own special connection that simply gives you a smile.

I received a pair of the Green Gaia Vegan Flip Flops to review in exchange for my honest review

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“Stay in touch with the earth beneath your feet without sacrificing your fashion sense. Or your sense of responsibility. Our Gaia vegan flip-flops make a statement wherever you wear them. And you’ll want to wear them everywhere!”

My Review
Love Love and more Love! In case you don’t know I have a bit of a shoe obsession, and in particular a flip flop/sandal obsession. Colors, materials, designs…I have to have all the latest of it all lol. When I found Juil I was so in love after only a few minutes of looking at the website. When I got to actually review a pair, well, happy happy happy is all I can say. These flip flops are gorgeous! I won’t lie, you will have to wear them in a little bit, but then my feet are a little sensitive. I love this color green because when I wear them it almost looks gold so they go with almost everything. I own a lot of flip flops, the rubber kind especially. These are vegan and that makes me feel a little better and like I’m being more earth conscious even with my fashion.

photo 93d0c5de-8e17-4f6d-a8d5-04059025db02_zps5c7d76c8.jpg

The service is amazing, fast, and they come in a cute little box that I will be hanging onto. They also come with that beautiful barrel bag that you see in the top picture. Very cute design! Juil also carries several more designs and styles, so your sure to find a pair that will perfectly fit your needs and fashion sense. I really love these and I’ve told my friends that they need to buy a pair. You should go check them out right now too!

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