Jenesis Lighting Review and Giveaway

We at Jenesis have worked on many different products over the years, but for some reason we keep coming back to lighting, especially the wireless, battery powered, LED kind. Each product is designed to be both attractive and easy to use, and with our focus on effeciency most of our lights will operate for a year or more on a single set of batteries.

I received several products from Jenesis to try in exchange for my honest opinion





The Jenesis lighting products came at the perfect time for us. The Battery Operated Candles were perfect for our windows over the Christmas holiday. They looked beautiful. I love that they have the sensor to turn on and off. I don’t have to remember to go and turn them off every morning to keep the battery from dying. I also liked that we could pick a solid or flickering flame. Christmas Eve we set one of the candles on the table with Santa’s cookies. My 5 year old doesn’t like candles and will go and blow them out if I light them, so these are really nice to have and he likes them too 🙂 The Glowing Key Fob is another really useful product. My husband gets up to leave for work at 2 a.m. and can never find his keys. He usually has to turn a light on, which wakes me up. With the key fob he sets them on the table by his other stuff and he can see them without turning a big light on. When you push the button it lights up really bright which, again, helps him find stuff without waking me up lol. The Mini LED Guide Lights have a perfect use for my 5 year old. We placed them on the underside of the bottom bunk for him. They have a nice soft glow which is perfect for him. He likes a little bit of light, but bright light bothers him. Yes, he has a few pet peeves lol. These products are all easy to use, are long lasting and fit in very nicely with our house decor, what we have of it anyways. We’re moving in June to a bigger place and me and my husband have several other products from Jenesis picked out that we would like to try. 5/5 from everyone here!

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