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most snacks are like first dates. scrumptious at first. disappointing later.

now imagine your perfect snack match. it tastes great. it stays with you through the rough times between meals. it takes care of you.

meet quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). its known by the andean peoples of south america as the “mother of all grains,” and touted by health experts as the only whole grain that’s a complete source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids. it makes for a delicious and fulfilling snack when we mix it up with other all-natural ingredients.

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My Review

I love when I find yummy but healthy snacks for my kids and myself. These are not super sweet, at least not the cranberry cashew ones we tried, but they are delicious. They are bite size squares and have a kind of sweetish nutty flavor to them. These go easily into my purse or bag when we go out for the day and the boys want a snack. I give iheartkeenwah a 5/5 🙂

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