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Aroma therapy spray that you can spray in the shower or bath and have the spa experience right at home!

Enjoy the Spa experience at home with our unique blends of therapeutic essential oils. Home Spa Shower Sprays were developed using the highest quality 100% natural ingredients to simulate the aromatherapy treatments found in Spas around the world. Home Spa is so easy to use, before entering your shower, spray directly into the water stream as desired (Usually 3 to 4 pumps). Immediately, you well smell the essential oil blend release a therapeutic bouquet, just like when you are relaxing in your favorite Spa.”



I love aromatherapy. I love my scented candles, oils, bath products, and I use aromatherapy when we are sick here too. 2 of my favorite oils for aromatherapy are Eucalyptus and Lavender. I use the Eucalyptus when my boys or myself are sick with respiratory illnesses, and I use Lavender for relaxation for them also. When I got these I was a bit cynical. I thought that it would fade pretty quick by spraying it into the water. I thought it would just wash down the drain with the water. I love citrus scents so I tried the Tangerine first. I was very pleasantly surprised! The scent was amazing, really strong and it lasted my whole shower and then some. It’s so easy too. You start the water, spray the scent into the stream and then just enjoy your shower. Or bath. Winter coughs have come to call for my boys so I’ve been spraying a little bit of the Eucalyptus into their bath water. They don’t love it lol, but it is definitely helping with their breathing and coughing. It only takes a couple of sprays to make your shower/bath smell amazing, so these last quite a long time. I will definitely be replenishing my supply when these finally run out. 5/5!

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