Healing the Faith Guest Post

Life and times of a publisher/author/wife/mother

Hello everyone!

As usual I am wearing my track shoes and running around like a crazy woman! Where to begin? Well —
let me say this has been a wild few years!

Now with four novels and three short stories in publication, I am as busy as ever. Happily I might add.
Yes — I love being everywhere and doing everything.

Time management has always been the biggest hurdle to climb. I have two children who need
a chauffeur, and a husband who only takes out the trash. I have a small indie publishing house,
Renaissance Romance Publishing, that is really taking off and needs my attention in all departments.
Thankfully my partners and our staff have been a huge help. But still I need to find time to continue to
create my novels. So, yes — time is a commodity in my world.

Seriously, being a published author comes with responsibilities that can’t be overlooked.

My day begins at seven am and ends around two am. Sleep is highly overrated! So is eating.

Once the kids are off to school you’d think a nap should come next. I wish!

Marketing and house business come with a heavy dose of iced tea.

Okay nap time yet? Nope!

With the kids still at school I manage to get a few hours of writing before I grab them and either come
home for homework while I clean or I drop them off at what activities they have for the afternoon.

Now time for a break?

Sorry, it’s time to grab the kids and start cooking dinner. Dinner my house is mandatory so ya! I get to
eat, because chances are good I’d forgotten to do that.

With a ten and thirteen year old you’d think dishes would a deserved break. Yeah, well — only if your
my husband and kids. I do those, too.

At nine the kids finally join their father upstairs to watch TV and now I get to write into the wee hours of
the morning.

So there you have it: the relaxing life of a published author/publisher/wife/mother.

No, that wasn’t a rant, to me every second is one I am at the happiest. I love my family, my job, and
my life. There is nothing that would make me want to give up any of them. Follow your heart and if its
writing pour everything you have into.

Thanks again!

Michele Richard

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