Happy Toy Machine Review and Giveaway

Happy Toy Machine lets you create your own cool, cute, and crazy custom plush (stuffed) toys. Design as many toys as you want for free, share them with your friends, and only buy one when you’re ready. When you order we’ll make your one-of-a-kind custom toy and ship it straight to you.


You can check out the
Toy Creator
to see all the varieties of toys available to be customized!

My Review

My 5 year old son LOVES stuffed animals. He must have a billion in his toy box and on his bed lol. He sleeps with them, takes them on car rides with him and usually has one in his hands anytime he’s sitting still. Now while he has quite a lot of them, he definitely has his favorites. I was happy when I got the chance to create and review a stuffed toy from Happy Toy Machine. He got to pick the type, color, designs, everything right down to the eyes, nose and mouth. He picked the skateboard for the design on the chest because he loves anything to do with skateboards. The toy creator was easy and fun to use. Checkout was fast and easy too. The dog he created came pretty fast, much to his delight. He’s not a patient child to say the least. He loved the dog the minute I got it out of the packaging. It’s really soft to the touch, the fur doesn’t fuzz off it like some other toys he has and it’s stitched together really well. My boys tend to fight over stuff when there’s only one of something. This dog is nice and sturdy so I don’t think a little tugging is going to hurt it. He hasn’t picked a name yet but i’m sure he will soon. He sleeps with the stuffie at night and just seems to love it to death. Of course I’m sure will be creating another one for my 7 year old very soon, because what one has, both must have lol. This would make a great holiday gift for any child in your family or friends list. There are so many choices to chose from the possibilities are endless! You can even customize them with names. The Happy Toy Machine creation gets a big 5/5 from everyone here!

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If you would like your Happy Toy delivered by Christmas you will have to have your order in by December 9th!

Happy Toy is giving away a gift card for a free regular size toy and free shipping within the continental US

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