Gutzy Gear Review

I love this unique product! Gutzy Gear is really cool and both my boys love what we got to review. I got two sets of straps and 10 patches. I put one set on my sons back pack and let him pick his patches. The velcro on these is really strong so the patches won’t come off easily and I don’t have to worry about him losing them on the bus or at school. He loves them and his friends have been asking where he got them. My husband actually had a really cool idea for the other set of straps. We put them on their seat belt straps in the car. Both my boys are fidgeters so this way they can play with the patches, move them around and even trade them back and forth. They can’t wait to get more patches to play with. Great cute product that gets a 5/5!


There’s a Giveaway for some Gutzy Gear

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