GummiBar Review

GummiBar is the cutest little stuck in your head dude ever!

I received 2 DVD’s and 3 CD’s to review. All starring GummiBar!

You can check out the super cute You Tube Videos starring the little dude.
Here’s the original video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

My Review

Have you heard of Gummibar? If not you’re missing out. He is the cutest little You Tube sensation. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the little dude. They will sit and play the videos over and over, to the point I think my ears will start to bleed LOL. The music and the words really are catchy and cute though. And it’s the type of music I don’t mind them listening too. There’s no cussing, no dirty words and no innuendos Just upbeat, cute songs that will keep your kids singing and dancing for hours.

Now Gummibar also has a movies starring his adorable little self! Gummibar’s Yummy Gummy Search for Santa. So now they get to watch Gummibar on our big 50 inch plasma TV and hear the music in surround sound LOL. It’s going to be a very Gummibar holiday season here to be sure. They were so happy to get the CD’s and DVD’s. Such simple pleasures make them happy lol. These are a huge hit here as I’m sure they will be a big hit for the kids (or adults) in your life!

You can go to to find and purchase everything you need for the Gummibar lovers in your life!

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