Good People Everywhere Review & Giveaway

Three Pebble Press, LLC, is an innovative company and a national award-winning publisher on a serious mission—to create engaging, imaginative and inspiring books and resources that support the health and wellness of families and schools.

Good People Everywhere is a soothing story to help children become mindful of the beautiful, caring people in their world. Each page delightfully unfolds with vibrant, engaging illustrations and endearing stories that warm hearts, evoke the imagination and inspire young and old alike to create a world of compassion and beauty. A wonderful way to send your child to sleep, ease their fears, and develop a sense of gratitude. Bonus Activities help reinforce and extend learning into daily life, giving children opportunities to practice skills. Activities also broaden the book’s appeal to teachers, counselors and therapists. Ages 3 and up.

Our Review

This is such a great book! There is so much negative in the world around us, news, violent shows and video games and unfortunately in the people kids encounter every day. It was great to sit down and read a story with them about all the GOOD people and how they help those around them. The illustrations are so colorful and engaging. My 5 year old doesn’t read yet so he’s all about the pictures. The two activities in the back of the book were great also. It gets kids thinking about the good people in their families, friends and their community. It was a very positive message and I love that for my kids. This story gets a big 5/5 from us!

You can read more about this book and Three Pebble Press Here

Good People Everywhere is written by Lynea Gillen. She is the creator of “Mindful Moments Cards” – these are really slick by the way (click on the link)– and the winner of 2 Mom’s Choice Awards for the book Yoga Calm for Children and the DVD Kids Teach Yoga:Flying Eagle. You can learn more about Lynea at her Yoga CalmBlog and on Facebook. Companion activities for Good People Everywhere can be found at Three Pebble Press. Illustrator, Kristina Swarder is also award-winning (Sydney Taylor Book award) and whose numerous books include Before You Were Born and Enchanted Lions.

You can win your own copy of Good People Everywhere!

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