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The Godefroy hair color brand has a rich salon history that dates back to the 1930’s. Originally from France, our products soon became a favorite in salons across America. We are a family owned business with many of our products manufactured right here in our Arlington, Texas facility.

I received 3 products from Godefroy to review

Double Lash and Brow

photo e2f323f1-458a-4643-8ff8-70e4027416c3_zps6ce11072.jpg

Heated Eyelash Curler

photo 1723eec4-0b1c-4854-a9d1-0efbae39f7d5_zpsb4366fb7.jpg

Mascara Warmer

photo be4f3cc1-8c92-4fd1-8433-78946f2eb3cf_zps47c3ca8b.jpg

My Reviews

I don’t really wear make up. I was never really taught how by anybody, my mom never did make up either. Now that I’m getting little older there are times, mostly special occasions, that i wish I could do a little make up and look a little fancier. My eyelashes and eye brows are there, but not very full. I was excited to try the lash and brow treatment and see if it made a difference. This was easy to use. It wasn’t smelly or sticky at all. I saw a noticeable difference after only about 2 1/2-3 weeks. I’m happy with this and will continue to use it!

I’ve never curled my eyelashes my life lol. I would be afraid to try the big metal crimper/curler contraption to be honest lol. I tried the heated eyelash curler and I was surprised, and happy, that it was so easy! I didn’t hurt or burn myself and my eyelashes looked cute 🙂

The mascara warmer was another great product for me. Like I said, I don’t wear make up on a regular basis, but when i do I like it to be easy and simple. Using the mascara warmer made the mascara very easy to apply and it went on smooth and looked great. My make up routine right now consists only of mascara and lip gloss lol. So these products have made me happy. The quality is great, and the service was wonderful.

All 3 products had very clear, easy to understand instructions so there was no worry or questions. I highly recommend Godefroy products!

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