Go Free Pants Review & Giveaway

Go Free® is changing the way women buy pants. Finally…comfort and beauty come together in a wonderful, healthy, perfectly sensible way! Why haven’t women’s pants always been made this way?” Good question! See the great styles and fabrics on the shop page, as well as a listing of the lovely boutiques that carry Go Free. Enjoy!


My Review

I am the sweatpants mom lol. I will wear athletic pants or sweatpants all winter long. I dread…absolutely dread…shopping for jeans. If the length is right the waist isnt and I hate that hard middle seam. When I read about Go Free Pants I couldn’t wait to get a pair to try. I picked the 5 pocket jeans in black. These jeans are softer than the jeans I’m used to so that was the first thing I noticed. I used the size chart when I picked out the pair I wanted to try and I was very happy with how true to size they are. They fit so nice and were so comfortable I could wear them all day. They would look great dressed up for an evening out also. I have never, and probably never will, go commndo lol, however there was no noticeable panty line and I really like that. These are really nice quality pants and I’m hoping to get a few more pairs in the near future. 5/5 from me =]


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