Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3 0 Book Review

Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3 is an updated edition of a book that offers a practical approach to learning Vue.js 3 for building web applications. With a focus on real-world web projects, the book presents mini projects such as a chat interface, a shopping cart, a price calculator, a to-do app, and a profile card generator for storing contact details. These projects are presented as bite-size exercises that allow readers to learn Vue.js 3 in a practical way.

Throughout the book, readers will learn how to manage data in Vue components, define communication interfaces between components, and handle static and dynamic routing to control application flow. The book also covers working with Vite and Vue DevTools and teaches how to handle transition and animation effects for an engaging user experience. The topics covered include modularization of Vue applications using component hierarchies, sharing state between components and using Pinia for state management, working with APIs using Pinia and Axios to fetch remote data, and validating functionality with unit testing and end-to-end testing.

By the end of the book, readers will have gained the skills necessary to work like experienced Vue developers to build professional web applications that can be used by others. The book is designed for Vue.js beginners, whether it is their first JavaScript framework or if they are already familiar with React or Angular. To understand the concepts explained in the book, readers must be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node package management.

Table of Contents:

  • Starting Your First Vue Project
  • Working with Data
  • Vite and Vue Devtools
  • Nesting Components (Modularity)
  • Composition API
  • Global Component Composition
  • Routing
  • Animations and Transitions
  • The State of Vue State Management
  • State Management with Pinia
  • Unit Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Deploying Your Code to the Web

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