Frecklebox Review

Frecklebox is a unique site where you can purchase truly special, one-of-a-kind personalized gifts for kids. Our growing selection of personalized kids’ gifts includes personalized books, coloring books, puzzles, posters, party favors, stickers, journal books, place mats, growth charts and more. also offers free personalized printable coloring pages on their site!

For my review I received

Dinosaur Personalized Coloring Book
Aliens Personalized Puzzle
Skateboard Personalized Placemat
Flame Personalized Placemat



My boys are 5 and 7 and sharing is not either of theirs strong suit lol. When we buy them things we have to buy 2 of everything. It gets a lot easier when we can get personalized items for them. Frecklebox makes this easy and fun to do. They have a huge selection of personalized items for boys and girls. I had a hard time picking out just a few things for them. I picked out the place mats because they tend to play musical chairs at dinnertime. This way they sit where their name is lol. The dinosaur coloring book was a big hit with my 5 year old, he still loves dinosaurs. The puzzle was for my 7 year old. He has some motor issues and one of the things his OT does is puzzles. He loves puzzles of any kind. It helps him with his concentration and his fine motor with fitting the pieces where they go.

These are really nice high quality items. The coloring book is recycled paper. The place mats and the puzzle are really nice also, really glossy and sturdy. Everything is made in the US also. Frecklebox is a huge hit here, my boys love their stuff!

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