Founding Fathers Know Best *Guest Post*

Ann Romney Spoke of Love…

By Ross Edward Puskar, Author of Founding Fathers Know Best

If you didn’t see Ann Romney on TV speaking at the Republican National Convention – well, you really missed something. She spoke of love. Ann spoke as a wife, a mother of five and a grandmother of eighteen. She spoke as a woman. She spoke as a conservative Republican. She spoke as a woman who loves America. The Democrats have accused of never having a job – Ann corrected that slander. She spoke of the love all mothers have for their children. She allowed every married and single mother in the audience to connect with her tasks as chauffer, coordinator and referee. Every woman in the audience could identify with Ann’s noisy household, piles of laundry, endless meals – and time flying by so fast that boys became men in almost the blink of an eye. She spoke of the love a wife has for her husband. Ann connected with every wife as she talked about her private hopes and doubts as Mitt chose his career path, starting his own business, working too many hours and finally succeeded beyond their dreams. Of course she reminded everyone that Mitt “did build it.” For all the mothers, daughters, grandmothers, single moms and wives, Ann summed up the problem: “We’re too smart to know there aren’t easy answers. But we’re not dumb enough to accept there aren’t better answers.”

Ann may be guilty of some prejudice regarding her husband’s accomplishments. She was very proud of his abilities and talents and success, but that’s not what she asked us to consider. Ann Romney told all the people in America there were three things we needed to know about her Mitt: 1) This man will not fail. 2) This man will not let us down, and 3) This man will lift up America. Ann concluded her remarks with a very simple request to all of us: “I said tonight I wanted to talk to you about love. Look into your hearts. This is our country. This is our future… You can trust Mitt.” I didn’t realize it the moment she said it, but as I contemplated her words it came to me. That’s what I’ve been looking for – a man who will not fail, a man who will lift up America and a man I can trust. So here’s one conservative’s take on Ann Romney – she gives one hell of a speech, she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and she’s ours. Britt Hume has more than forty years’ experience as a political reporter and commentator. His analysis of Ann Romney’s speech was direct and to the point: “In all my years, that was the best speech I’ve ever seen by a political wife.” High praise indeed, and good enough for me. I totally agree with Britt.

Ross Puskar is the author of Founding Fathers Know Best the political satire now available for sale at Amazon and Barnes&Noble. You can follow Ross on Twitter and Facebook and you can subscribe to his Blog and you can like FFKB on Facebook

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