Foldin Money Review

Looking for a fun and unique way to give cash as a gift? Delight your family and friends with these clever money gifts no matter what the occasion – Birthday, Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day, graduation or new baby!

I got the Money Heart kit to review in exchange for my honest opinion

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When you order a kit you get the template and detailed instructions to make your gift creation

photo ecf370d8-4503-4e39-99be-963985fafdf2_zps576c1c25.jpg
Other designs available

Hot Air Balloon

My Review

How cool and fun is this! Everybody likes money. With Foldin Money you can give money as a gift in a fun way. Instead of just sticking money in a card you can fold it into different shapes that match whatever occasion your celebrating. You get the templates to cut out and detailed instructions on how to make the shape you want. It’s very easy and it’s fun! My little guys were very impressed with this and keep asking daddy to fold more money lol.

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