Florida Bound

I meant to post this weeks ago but I’ve been so wrapped up in things I kept forgetting. There are big changes coming for our family! We are moving to Florida from Pennsylvania! We had originally planned to make this move in June. Unfortunately my husband lost his job. So our time frame has moved up dramatically!

We leave PA this Saturday!! The 27th!! We made the decision at the end of March. So to say things have been CRAZY is an understatement!

We have wonderful friends who have helped us with packing thank goodness. We have the whole house all but packed. There’s just some last minute stuff that we have to use for the rest of the week lol.

We have a 16 foot moving truck which I have to drive. I’m a little nervous about that, but I think I will do ok. I’m so super excited about this move so I gotta do what I gotta do! Husband will be driving the family car with our 2 boys.

We are taking a HUGE leap of faith with this move. We will be “landing” an at efficiency hotel for the first week and then going in person to find an apartment or house. We were looking online but quickly realized the smartest, and safest way to do that is going to be when we are there in person.

I’m so glad to be getting out of the cold and the snow! I have some health issues that have been really hard to handle and the cold just makes things worse for me. So being down in the warm sunshine year round will hopefully do me some good. The boys might miss the snow a little, but I think the beach will make up for it lol.

I have several posts scheduled out to try to keep this blog at least sort of active while we get down there and get settled so keep checking back!

I’ll post pics and updates when all the crazy settles down 🙂

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