Flicker Debut Album Review

Hailed as “Amazing music…5 out 5 stars” by Prog Rock Music Talk, neoteric rockers Flicker have been generating buzz among progressive rock fans through radio airplay on Aural Moon and Epic Prog, as well as an interview with ProgRock.com’s Mark Monforti. This week, the band publicly unveiled the music video for “Everywhere Face”, an inventive stop-motion effort that compliments the transcendent feeling of the track. Watch the video on YouTube (http://youtu.be/hmkWAfgcIQ0) and pick up the debut, “How Much Are You Willing To Forget” on iTunes now.

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My Thoughts

First, I love the album cover. I like all kinds of music except for hard rap and death metal. I especially like finding new and up and coming artists that I’ve never heard before. I was asked to give a listen to this album from Flicker and give my thoughts. They are labeled as a progressive rock band. I personally loved the sound of their music. It’s rock but not that ear busting yelling kid of rock. You can understand the words and get a feeling for what the songs mean and what they are about. Some of the melodies are a bit slower and almost haunting, and some are a bit more upbeat. I absolutely love the creativity of the video for Everywhere Face. I would love to see what they can come up with for some of the other songs. If your a music lover, rock lover, alternative lover, you should check Flicker out. I would bet they become a new favorite!

Flicker is also featured today on Epically Odd’s Blog so take a peek over there too!

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