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We got the My SuperSomeone book for my 5 year old Caden to review

Meet your SuperSomeone, they’re the absolute best. They’re simply amazing, which you might have guessed. Of all the greatest things your SuperSomeone can do, is that they are a hero and super to you. All books are customized with your hero as the star. Each book is personalized for one person only. Your hero’s name and face are featured throughout story.

Our Review

If you follow my blog regularly you know I love getting books and other items that are personalized for my boys. They love seeing their name in print. Awhile back I did a fe book reviews where I was able to make the cartoon character look sort of like them and that was pretty cool and they loved it. Now with FlattenMe I was able to send in a head shot basically, and they used his whole face. Not just put his little circle of his face in an oval that fit the book, but actually used his whole head. It makes a big difference let me tell you. We picked the superhero story because Caden is a super dare devil lol. He was ecstatic about this book! His favorite page was the one with the crocodile.

He also snowboards, plays the drums, and plays with deer and bear in the book. The pictures are so clear and bright. His smile shines on every page. I really love this book and I’m going to get one for my other son too 🙂

Flatten Me

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