Fantastic Floatables Review

Fantastic Floatables are Neutral Buoyancy “string less balloons”!

Nothing Else Like It On Earth.

1,000 Times More Fun Than A Balloon On A String!

“Every Earthling Should Own One!

These use Helium. They come with sticker weights to make them come lower or go higher.

The one in the picture is a Super Saucer. It’s 20 inches around.

My Review

Here is yet another “coolest product ever” nominee from me lol. These things are so cool!! My boys like balloons, but this takes that fun to a whole new level. You fill them with helium and they float around the house. No strings, batterries or anything else needed. They will even follow you around! The sticker weights are very easy to put on and remove to get the Floatable to stay at the level that you want it to. Depending on how you take care of them they will last up to 6 weeks. They can be refilled too! They are also very affordable. The 20 inch Super Saucer we got is only $5.99! My boys are having so much fun with this. They want more and more and more (per my 5 yr old LOL). Fantastic Floatables come in so many different shapes, colors and characters that you are sure to find the perfect one for you, or someone else for a gift. 5/5 from my house!


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