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Every family has its skeletons in the closet, but Shane Hall’s relatives? They’ve got a cemetery’s worth. Yet when he loses his job and gets evicted, Shane’s only option is to rely on his estranged aunt and cousins for help. He returns to his hometown in rural South Dakota, and despite having been out of touch for over a decade, is welcomed back with booze-soaked hospitality. After settling in, Shane’s cousin approaches him with an offer that’s almost too good to be true: if he comes on board as assistant manager at the family’s salvage yard, he’ll get not only a sky-high salary but also the down payment on a home. It seems like Shane and his girlfriend Katie will be able to put the hard times behind them and start fresh—at least, until some pesky skeletons rise up from the past, leaving Shane uncertain where to turn or who to trust.

My Review

Every family has secrets. Shane Hall’s just seem to have more than most. When he loses his job and winds up back home with his estranged aunt and cousins life gets a little strange indeed. He reconnects with some old friends and is offered a too good to be true job, but soon realizes something is wrong. Chaos, lies and a gun fight ensue. This story starts out a little slow but picks up really nicely and rolls at a fast pace through the ending. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming at the end, and I was, in a good way, surprised when I was wrong. I love the cover on this book too. I give this book 4 stars 🙂

Author Info

Author Rex Kusler was born in Missouri and raised in a small Iowa town. After calling Silicon Valley home for thirty years, Kusler relocated to Las Vegas to indulge his love of the desert and his fascination with gambling and probability. A mechanical designer by profession, Kusler began his writing career in the early 1980s, selling short stories to regional magazines before trying his hand at novels. He is the author of Angela and three titles in the Las Vegas Mystery series:Punctured, Ashes to Dust, and Desert Drop.

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