EZ Cup Review

Why EZ-Cup?

*Use your own coffee in Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machines
*Extract a better, richer cup of coffee using our Self Tamping Spring
*It’s EZ to clean up
*ECO Friendly Biodegrable filters
*No coffee ground in your freshly made coffee
*EZ-Cup uses less Coffee grounds saving up to %80 on Coffee


My Review

I love my Keurig. I hate the cost of the K-Cups though. Problem solved with the EZ Cup. I can buy my big cans of coffee and still use my Keurig. The EZ Cup is really quick and easy to use and clean up is fast also. The coffee doesn’t get in my cup like it does sometimes with the K-Cups. The filter is just as strong as a regular coffee filter and doesn’t tear or come apart easily. This product makes it easy to have more then one cup without worrying about cost. I love my EZ Cup and I’ve been telling my friends and family with Keurigs to get themselves one too. A 5 from me!

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