Engage Green Slim Fit Case Review

Engage Green is known for its unique fashionable designs made out of Recycled Plastic [PET], Recycled Paper and Sustainable materials like Organic Cotton, Hemp and Cork.

Because your purchase saves 18 plastic bottles (per yard of our fabric) from dying in a landfill, helps to avoid contamination and depleting our Natural Resources

I received a Slim Fit Case to review

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My Review

I don’t have an iPad, but we do have a lot of other electronics in this house. I have a Nook, my son has a PSP, his own Nook, my other son has a leapster, and then there’s the CD players and MP3 players. When we go out all that stuff usually just gets tossed in my purse or bag that we are carrying, not the best thing for the devices. With the Slim Fit Case I can put all the devices in this and they are padded and safe. They all fit in this one case. It has a nice long shoulder strap that is adjustable. I like the pink color I got, but it comes in other colors too. This is a really nice quality bag. The padding is nice and thick on the inside, but doesn’t make it bulky on the outside. I love that the bag is earth friendly also and keeps plastic bottles out of the landfills. I would recommend Engage Green to my family and friends 🙂

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