Dress United T-Shirt Review

T-shirts are an awesome way to let your personality out. To remember a special event (or remember an event that’s a bit hazy!). Or give your team some real spirit. It’s like putting our heart on your sleeve, er, chest.

I LOVE t-shirts. I LIVE in t-shirts lol. I was so excited to get to review a t-shirt of my own making from Dress United just for posting a review!

My boys are my life, so of course I had to make a t-shirt that expressed that!

photo 69349099-5f9e-4e09-b1a6-7eb6ac416ead_zps74730e1a.jpg

It’s a little hard to tell in the picture but the shirt is a light green and the picture and writing is a dark green.

My Review

This is one of their Ladies Fashion Tees. You can pick the type of t-shirt you want, womens, mens, long or short sleeved, classic or fashion. You can even do sweatshirts and hoodies. We’re moving to Florida so I went with the short sleeved one you see above. Since I wanted the shirt to reflect how much I loved my boys I let them pick the picture lol. My 7 year old picked the words. At first he just wanted his name but I told him it had to be both. This t-shirt is very comfortable to wear. It hasn’t stretched out and it hasn’t faded with washing. I’ve had a few comments on the shirt. I love having something original that I know I’m not going to see a million of the same when I go out. The process to make this shirt was very easy. The site walks you through it step by step. The price is great and the shipping is fast. I don’t think you could ask for any more than that! I love this and I’ve told a bunch of people about Dress United and how great they are to work with!


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